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ess China has reached in scientific and technological fields, and it is also an important ▓forum for the convergence of scientists and researcher▓s with the men from industry and innovation," Hillal added. "Egypt

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ian-Chinese relations are steadily growi▓ng and several weeks ago Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak an▓d Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao opened the 4th ministerial conference of the Forum on China-Afr

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ica Cooperation (FOCAC)," said Magid George, Egypt's Minister of State for ▓the Environment. George said that the expo is an important▓ event to present Chinese technology to African and Arab countries be

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cause China is considered a leading nation in▓ development, expressing hope that the exhibition will ▓provide an opportunity for the countries to get acquainted w▓ith progress in technology and innovation amid great challenges. The Chinese government's input in sc▓ience and technology has increased from 56 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan in 2008. The Minister of Science & Technology, highlighted the achievement during a Wednesday press conference. The Minister of Science & Technology, Wang Gang, says China's conditions for t▓echnological development have improved drastically over▓ the past six decades. He adds that the Chinese government has continuously increased funding for SCI-TECH developme▓nt.Wan Gang, Chinese Science & Tech Minister, said, "The government's SCI-TECH appropriation has increa▓sed from 56 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan in 20▓08. And in 2008, China's gross expenditures in R&D, hit▓ 457 billion yuan, accounting for 1.52% of the GDP."Wan ▓Gang says developments in science and technology over the past six decades have significantly contributed to China's economy, social progress, people's livelihood, and national security.Wan Gang said, "The successful manned space flights, and the launch of a lunar satellite,▓ have made China one of a few countries capable of making contributions to the world's peaceful use of space. Science and technology have also played important roles

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in major engineering projects, including the Three Gorges Da▓m, gas transmission lines, and the Qinghai-Tibet Ra▓ilway."But the minister points out that China's scientific and technological strength still ne

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eds to catch up to developed countries. He says China has to improve the application of science and technology in tackling the▓ international financial crisis and climate change, and

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